Aaron H Pierce.

Founder of Dragonfly Management NYC, Aaron has had the music in and around him pretty much his entire life. Classical piano training began at the age of 8 and a keen passion for the range and majesty of that instrument continues to this day. But don’t be fooled.

Stop by his Dragonfly office and you are just as likely to hear the slashing songcraft of The Swans…or the boozy gravel of Tom Waits…as you are the unbearable lightness of Marth Argerrich channeling Chopin. He really loves the art.

But the love comes with a powerful, practical understanding of what it takes to help artists of all levels of experience to enjoy the rewards of their gifts. Focusing his studies on Entertainment and Contract law at Fordham University from 2006-2009, Aaron now brings his keen legal acumen to bear on a daily stream of questions and challenges from the constantly shape-shifting worlds of music publishing, recording, and promotion, with particular emphasis given to live performance.

Already an important part of his musical education and experience, his passion for world music has been enriched by an ongoing consultancy role with the United Nations Office of the Equator Initiative, which has exposed him to classical and contemporary musical idioms from countries around the world, and helped him establish an invaluable and far reaching web of contacts in London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin and beyond, fulfilling the 2nd part of our management mantra: Near and far…he really loves the art.


Jared MillerJared Miller began his life in a family of artists. He was always concerned about how the creative worlds would provide income – and so as unusual as it seemed to his family – h e went to NYU business school in 1983. There he met Rick Rubin (2 years his senior) who was just starting Def Jam Records in his dorm room and he was instantly drawn to the business side of the music industry. After receiving a BS in Accounting, 1987 Jared moved to California and while working financial jobs, was actively learning the music business on the Sunset Strip being the personal manager for local bands and networking constantly with those in the music industry.

Upon returning to NYC in 1991 Jared and a business partner began a club promotion business and began booking shows for many live music (up to 6 at a time) and dance venues in NYC. This also led to handling the personal management for bands, doing concert photography and even a stint at owning an indie record label. This early work in music led to frequent interaction, negotiations, and working relationships with people from all aspects of the music industry.

In 1995 Jared switched his efforts to managing the businesses of creative professionals. This varied his clientele beyond the realm of music but taught him all aspects of consulting for and running businesses with staffs of up to 50+ people and revenues in the 10s of millions. Being responsible for guiding the careers and making money for creative people while helping them maintain their artistic integrity was at the core of Jared’s work and has been his inspiration since before college.

Dragonfly Management is a business entity that focuses solely on musicians and bands. With an in-depth knowledge of how the music industry works and an absolute love for recorded music, live concerts and dealing with musicians, Jared provides a service to musicians that goes beyond the purely accounting type role that most business managers offer.

M.S. Quinlan

For as long as he can remember…music has always been the engine behind the creative passions and ambitions of M.S.Quinlan. Even though there have been considerable accomplishments in several of the other fine arts…playwriting, filmmaking, and painting… you need only to touch the surface of his work to sense the music pulsing just below. Ligeti was there,  just beneath the pastel slashes of his  War Series (1988) And so was Keith Jarret…opening and closing Markings…a full-length, multi-generational drama set against the ever shifting, never silent voice of The North Atlantic. (1990) Most recently, his short one-act play Mournings was published in an antholgy of Brooklyn writers. It’s telling to note that the very first sound heard in the play is the well known “menacing buzz” from the opening of Led Zepplins’s In the Light.

As a Scholarship student and Teaching Fellow at NYU’s Graduate Film School, Mr. Quinlan has studied and researched in London, Berlin and Dresden…And to set the record straight..,yes there really was a wildly illegal SOLIDARITY T-shirt in his belongings that the east German police somehow missed when rifling through his suitcases at the then very spooky checkpoint between Berlin and East Germany. As he remembers it…the only music playing at that time was the crazy pounding of his slightly foolish and very American heart.

So…just accept it, you’re going to want to talk to this guy. About that great new idea you have for a song…the quality and phrasing of that really difficult vocal…or just the flame inside…that keeps us all moving forward.The MUSIC…to quote our man…”is never far away”.